Sweet Nothings

To me éclairs are the taste of summer and holidays. Whenever we would go on holiday, we would often drive to our destination. The trips were long and boring and so as a treat my parents would buy me an éclair when we stopped for a break. I loved biting into the pastry and having the cream burst into my mouth, which would then mix with the thick layer of chocolate on top. It was a delightful treat and always the best way to start any holiday.

I have found a few variations on the classic éclair, some filled with custard instead of plain cream or filled with chocolate or caramel, but I always found them way to over powering in their sweetness. So when out one day, trying to help a friend find a book shop in South Kensington and we stumbled across Maître Choux, a shop specialising in a variety of interesting flavoured éclairs, I was over the moon with delight. I immediately dragged my poor friend into the shop.

In the front window of Maître Choux, there was a large display of various brightly coloured and intricately decorated éclairs. When we stepped inside there were some tables set in the back for those who wanted to have a coffee with their exquisite éclair.

I spent the first 10 minutes staring intently at the éclairs inter mixed with squeals of delight, while my friend stood patiently waiting for me to finish fangirling over éclairs. We finally decided to share one éclair between us as each éclair is a little expensive for us students.

We decided to get the raspberry éclair, paid and stepped out of the shop. I took the first bite and immediately had the very strong urge to sprint off down the street while shoving the entire thing into my mouth, it was that delicious I didn’t really want to share. I restrained myself, somehow and passed it over to my friend to try.

The main part of the éclair, is the classic choux pastry, topped with pale pink icing and raspberries. However the filling was amazing. It was raspberry flavoured cream, but not overly sweet, allowing you to really taste the whole range of flavours. I found that it had a subtle earthy note to it which added to the overall enjoyment. The top of the éclair was covered in small candied beads which added a lovely contrasting crunch to the soft pastry and cream. If the prices for each éclair was a little lower, I would have gladly gone back and bought more, as it was so good.


Looks like art work. True perfection.


This is one of the best éclairs I have ever had in my whole life. If I had had this at the start of a holiday, it would have been the highlight of the entire summer. And the best part is that there is a whole shop filled with more éclair flavours I have yet to taste.



15 Harrington Rd, Kensington, London SW7 3ES , UK





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