Italia’s best kept secret

What comes to mind when you think of classic Italian food? Is it a thin slice of mozzarella pizza or wonderful black and green olives with garlic? Is it pasta covered in a basil pesto or dark rich espresso? These are all typical foods which have made Italy famous across the world. But what would you say if I told you Italy has an amazing hot chocolate as well?

If you go far enough south in Italy you will find this delightful little drink. It’s not served in every café and you will have to search for it, but it’s worth the effort. The hot chocolate, when you find it is thick and sweet. You can lift it up with your spoon and it will take a second or two to drip off.

The drink itself is always served ready to drink. There is none of this nonsense of adding powder to milk. It is foamy and thick in consistency. The drink has a rich, dark chocolaty taste and is so sweet that it almost hurts your teeth. It’s almost like a hot mousse. It will leave a chocolatey ring around your mouth, as you will down it in seconds. This is not an elegant drink and almost immediately after you have left Italy you will be craving more and be forced to return.

I found this hot chocolate by chance, on a trip to Tuscany and now order hot chocolate at every café, just for the off chance that it’s that sublime chocolatey drink. Often I am greeted by the sad disappointment of hot foamy milk and powder. But on that rare occasion I find that one small café in a town that serves me a mug of hot, thick chocolate, my heart soars with delight. The trip has not been a complete waste of time then.

end italy.JPG
Finished! Can I have seconds?



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