Beetroot Vegan Burger

Vegan burgers used to be these bricks in a bun, with the texture of sawdust and the taste of cardboard, but now they have transformed into an almost perfect replica of a meat patty. I used to avoid vegan burgers like the plague, but now they have improved so much, I prefer them over traditional burgers as they often pack in more interesting flavours and textures.

The burger that was sitting in front of me, looked raw. If it had been real meat, I would have sent it back to the kitchen because it looked like the chef had taken the patty, wafted it over a frying pan to try to cook it and then placed it into the bun. But this was vegan that looked like meat. After the first bite, I knew it was beetroot, making it slightly sweet and earthy. It was a delicious burger, with vegan cheese, guacamole, vegan mayo, tomato and lots of lettuce. A wonderful explosion of flavours. I particularly liked the bun, it was not one of these shiny plastic-looking buns, but real bread, which gave it a nice texture and depth of flavour.

Can just see the beet patty poking out. Looks like raw meat.

The burger came with mini florets broccolis and cucumber. It was a healthier option than fries. The cucumber had been tossed in olive oil with small cubes of ginger. The richness of the burger was nicely balanced with the freshness of the cucumber and the ginger helped clean the palate. I think this is a better option if you have a very nice burger, instead of fries as it allows you to enjoy the flavours more.

The wonderful burger was followed by a dense slice of chocolate and coconut cake. Thick and creamy icing helped hold the cake together. The cake had banana in it to give it natural sweetness and moistness. It was so filling that I could only handle about half of it and my friend had to help me finish it off, it was scrumptious.


I wanted a drink to follow the meal and I chose a bottled ginger green tea, mostly because the logo looked minimalist and cool, and I love anything with ginger and green tea. It was very slightly sweet and had a good amount of spice to it. I like to have green tea and ginger after a large meal as it helps me digest, and this drink was perfect for this.

Tea to soothe the digestion.

Beef burgers are delicious but are more harmful to the environment as it takes more resources to raise a cow than it does to grow the same amount of vegetables. Cows produce an alarming amount of methane, so choosing to eat vegetarian or vegan twice a week can make a difference. We should start seeing meat as a treat, maybe something we have when we go out, and with the number of delicious meat-free options out there it’s much easier. I almost always order the veggie option as it has more variety in flavours and textures from soy sauce mushroom, fried halloumi to aromatic falafel. So next time you are out for a burger, look at the meat-free options, who knows, you might find a new favourite.

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